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Bonn climate change conference (COP 23)

06/11/2017 - 17/11/2017

The 2017 UN climate change conference (COP23) will be held from 6 to 17 November in Bonn, Germany, under the Presidency of Fiji. The EU and its Member States will participate as parties to the UN climate change convention.

EU side events

The European Union Pavilion will host a series of side events during the COP 23, aimed at stimulating the debate on key thematic areas, engaging observers and facilitating the dialogue with party delegates and other participants.

Programme of EU SIDE EVENTS

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Other events


Side events are held within the conference venue, in the BONN zone, dedicated to climate action events and exhibits. All organisers/participants must be duly registered through a Party or an Observer organisation and in possession of a conference badge for the BONN zone to be granted access. The European Commission is not able to provide accreditation, except on specific cases. No accreditation for the BULA zone (plenary rooms, negotiation and delegation offices) will be provided.

For additional information, please contact CLIMA-EU-SIDE-EVENTS@ec.europa.eu.

EU press materials

EU press briefings

The EU delegation will hold regular press briefings which will be streamed live and 'on demand' on the UNFCCC website.

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