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Driving Road Decarbonisation Forwards

Driving Road Decarbonisation Forwards

Road transport plays a vital role in European society, not only as an essential way for people and goods to move from one place to another, but also as an important economic sector. At the same time it is responsible for around a quarter of the EU's energy consumption and about a fifth of its CO₂ emissions.

Transport is highly relevant in the context of the recently adopted Energy Union Communication. Action in the road transport field can reduce energy consumption through higher efficiency, improve energy security and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Commission looks forward to the valuable input of stakeholders as it reflects on the next steps towards cleaner and climate-friendly road transport.

It will be possible to follow the conference on Twitter with hashtag #CO2road.


"Driving Road Decarbonisation Forwards" conference

Rue Ravenstein 23,
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