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5th EU ETS Compliance Conference

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06/11/2014 - 07/11/2014

The 5th EU ETS Compliance Conference was aimed at representatives of Member State (MS) EU ETS Competent Authorities, with the objectives of:

  • Sharing information on best practices, learning and experience, leading to effective implementation of EU ETS.
  • Providing participants with information on Compliance Forum Task Force activities, as well as achievements, identified challenges, possible improvements and priorities going forward relating to monitoring, reporting, verification and accreditation (MRVA).
  • Updating participants on European Commission projects related to EU ETS compliance.
  • Providing participants with a wider view of ETS and MRV, highlighting best practices and improving knowledge.

Key compliance issues and best practices were discussed by conference attendees and staff from the European Commission. These discussions provided the MS Competent Authority representatives in attendance with information and insight that will help facilitate more consistent and efficient implementation of Phase III of EU ETS. The conference also promoted the benefits of participation in the Compliance Forum and its Task Forces to Competent Authorities and identified specific priorities for Task Force activities going forward into 2015.

Following an excellent keynote address from Dirk Forrister, President and CEO of the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), the Compliance Conference was broken down into a number of key sessions:

  • Four break-out sessions on day 1 of the conference (monitoring and reporting, aviation, accreditation and verification and e-reporting), in which participants discussed relevant issues relating to Phase III of EU ETS and looked to identify priorities for the associated Task Forces going forward. The priorities aimed to meet the needs of all EU ETS Competent Authorities and help facilitate overall harmonisation of implementation. Outputs of the break-out sessions were fed back in plenary on day two of the conference.
  • A session on international MRV, in which presentations were given looking at the Commission perspective on international MRV, a MS perspective on international MRV and a presentation looking at ICAO progress on a global market-based measure for aviation.
  • Presentations from the Commission on the compliance related projects in 2014, including in relation to Article 21 reporting, the MRVA compliance review project and the peer review project. Presentations were also given by host and reviewer MS involved in the peer review project.

The general conclusions drawn from the conference were as follows:

  • Harmonisation of implementation is continuously improving across MS noting that this is crucial in ensuring proper implementation of EU ETS.
  • Information exchange between all actors (CAs, NABs, verifiers, EA) is central to the implementation of EU ETS. Information exchange has improved in Phase III, but there is still room for further improvements.
  • There are a number of key challenges that remain, as recognised from the breakout sessions, which will help inform the priorities for the Compliance Forum Task Forces going forward to 2015.

The day chair concluded the conference with specific conclusions and recommendations for the Task Forces, MS and the Commission to take forward.

Further details concerning the work of the Compliance Forum and its Task Forces can be found in the Compliance Forum Brochure. The Brochure also advises how Member State Competent Authorities can become more involved in Task Force activities, including to remain up to date with latest developments.


Day 1 Presentations

Breakout session 1: Monitoring and Reporting (M&R)

Breakout session 2: Aviation

Breakout session 3: Accreditation and Verification (A&V)

Breakout session 4: E-Reporting

International MRV

Day 2 Presentations

Rapporteur feedback on the four breakout sessions

Further plenary presentations