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4th EU ETS Compliance Conference

03/06/2013 - 05/06/2013

Representatives from Member State competent authorities and staff from the European Commission discussed the main compliance issues expected in phase III of the EU ETS. The conference focussed on:

  • Providing Member States with an overview of the activities being undertaken to facilitate more consistent and efficient implementation of phase III requirements;
  • Providing a platform for sharing Member State priorities for further requirements;
  • Demonstrating the benefits of participation in the Compliance Forum Task Forces and insight into the issues they aim to resolve;
  • Identifying compliance and enforcement challenges for 2013 and beyond.

The main conference objective was to provide participants with detailed information on the activities being carried out by the Compliance Forum Task Forces and to highlight the main compliance and enforcement issues that need to be addressed in 2013 and 2014. The Commission provided an outlook on the compliance related projects it has initiated in 2013, and the projects being planned for in 2014.

For 2013 these projects include:

  • finalisation of available guidance documents on monitoring and reporting and verification and accreditation,
  • an update of the Article 21 questionnaire,
  • steps towards improving EU ETS E-reporting through update of the reporting language (XETL) and its governance.

For 2014 the Commission intends to launch a project on peer review of EU ETS implementation in two volunteering Member States and a second project on Compliance Cycle Evaluations in all Member States.

Outline plans and priorities for the Compliance Forum Task Forces for 2014 were also presented. Further details concerning the work of the Compliance Forum and its Task Forces are available on SharePoint, the Compliance Forum's shared electronic platform. Contact details for all the Tasks Forces and access to SharePoint which is available to competent authorities can be found in the Newsletter included in the conference proceedings below.

Day I Presentations

Breakout session I:  Monitoring and Reporting (M&R)

Breakout session II:  Accreditation and Verification (A&V)

Breakout session III:  Aviation

Breakout session IV:   Key Phase III Challenges on Compliance and  Enforcement

Day II Presentations

Rapporteur feedback on the four breakout sessions

Plenary presentations