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High-level stakeholder conference on 2030 framework for climate and energy policies

Windmills © Stockbyte/John Foxx/John Foxx

The conference forms part of the public consultation launched when the Commission adopted a Green Paper on the 2030 framework on 27 March 2013. The consultation runs until 2 July.

The purpose of the conference is for key stakeholders to share perspectives on:

  • Which are the most important lessons learned from the 2020 framework and which targets for 2030 would be most effective in driving the objectives of climate and energy policy?
  • How can the 2030 framework best be defined to simultaneously promote growth, competitiveness, sustainability and security of supply?
  • Which coherent set of policy instruments is best suited to ensure progress towards new targets and how should the new framework ensure an equitable distribution of efforts?

Developing a 2030 framework for EU climate and energy policies is necessary to provide certainty and reduced regulatory risk for investors and to mobilise the funding needed; to support progress towards a competitive economy and a secure energy system; and to establish the EU's 2030 ambition level for greenhouse gas emission reductions in view of a new international agreement on climate change foreseen for 2015.

The main conclusions of the conference will feed, together with the responses to the consultation, into the Commission's on-going preparations for more concrete proposals for the 2030 framework, which are expected by the end of 2013.

The agenda of the conference and the link for registration will be published on the DG Energy event page. The event will also be webstreamed. 

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