Climate Action

4th meeting of the ECCP working group on emissions trading

14/06/2007 - 15/06/2007

Priorities of the review

An overview on all relevant issues and positions of stakeholders is provided by a survey:

An analysis on the effects on international competitiveness is the subject of a further study:

Agenda and presentations

1st Day

Registration and coffee

Welcome and introduction

  • Jos Delbeke, Director of DG Environment, European Commission

Linking Emission Trading Schemes – A Parliamentarian view

  • Presentation by MEP Anders Wijkman

Introduction to linking

Coffee break

Evolving emissions trading concepts in other parts of the world and their potential for linking with the EU ETS

Lunch break (food served at the premises)

Key elements for linking the EU ETS with third countries’ emissions trading schemes (part 1)

Coffee break

Key elements for linking the EU ETS with third countries’ emissions trading schemes (part 2)

  • Discussion

2nd Day

Linking the EU ETS to the flexible mechanisms (JI and CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol – opportunities and pitfalls

Coffee break

Quantitative limits: pros and cons of caps and supplementarity requirements

Lunch break (food provided)

Qualitative restrictions (gases, sectors and project types) on the use of offsets

Concluding Remarks by the Chair

  • Jos Delbeke, Director DG Environment

Other useful documents

The Group comprised representatives of Member States, industry, NGOs as well as academia and research. The final reports of each meeting of the Group represent the report announced in Commission Communication "Towards a global carbon market – Report pursuant to Article 30 of Directive 2003/87/EC".

The review process provided the Commission with relevant input for adapting the EU ETS to the requirements and needs of emissions trading after 2012.

Stakeholders' contributions for the review process of the EU ETS