Climate Action

1st meeting of the ECCP working group on emissions trading on the review of the EU ETS on the Scop...

08/03/2007 - 09/03/2007

Priorities of the review

An overview on all relevant issues and positions of stakeholders is provided by a survey:

An analysis on the effects on international competitiveness is the subject of a further study:

Agenda and presentations

8 March 2007 - morning session

Welcome and Introduction of the Review Process

  • Peter Carl, Director General of DG Environment - European Commission

The Review of the EU ETS – Expectations and challenges

  • Intervention from the German Presidency
    Intervention from MEP Anders Wijkman, European Parliament


Expanding the EU ETS to other sectors and gases (1st part)

Overall perspectives of expanding the EU ETS - Presentation from Mr Christian Egenhofer, Centre for European Policy Studies

Technical assessment criteria - Presentation from Mr Jochen Harnisch, Ecofys

Monitoring, reporting and verifying of other gases and sectors – challenges and requirements
Presentation from Mr Jochen Harnisch, Ecofys

Short presentations on:

8 March 2007 - afternoon session

Expanding the EU ETS to other sectors and gases (2nd part)

Unilateral inclusion of additional activities and gases under Article 24 of Directive 2003/87/EC

9 March 2007 - morning session

Streamlining the application of the current scope

Improving Cost-effectiveness as regards small installations

  • Cost-benefit analysis of current situation
  • Approaches for determining thresholds for inclusion/exclusion of small installations and alternative thresholds applicable/suitable for smaller installations - Presentation from Mr Peter Zapfel, DG Environment, European, Commission
  • Discussion

9 March 2007 - afternoon session

Carbon dioxide capture and geological storage activities

Emission reduction projects within the Community

  • Further extension of ETS including consideration of desirability and feasibility of harmonised emission reduction projects within the Community
  • Assessment of impacts
  • Provisions for administering such project activities - Presentation from Mr Ignacio Sánchez, Spain
  • Comments from Member States
  • Further extension of EU ETS: Comments from UK - Presentation from Mr Niall Mackenzie, DEFRA, UK
  • Discussion

Concluding Remarks by the Chair

  • Jos Delbeke, Director DG ENV

Other useful documents

The Group comprised representatives of Member States, industry, NGOs as well as academia and research. The final reports of each meeting of the Group represent the report announced in Commission Communication "Towards a global carbon market – Report pursuant to Article 30 of Directive 2003/87/EC".

The review process provided the Commission with relevant input for adapting the EU ETS to the requirements and needs of emissions trading after 2012.

Stakeholders' contributions for the review process of the EU ETS