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2nd EU ETS Compliance Forum Event

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01/10/2012 - 02/10/2012

The main objectives were to give information about the guidance documents supporting the implementation of the EU ETS Monitoring and Reporting (M&R) and Accreditation and Verification (A&V) Regulations; and discuss remaining plans and possibilities.  The key aim was to facilitate Member State compliance for 2013 and beyond. The complete range of guidance documents and templates will be finalised shortly, in time for the start of EU ETS Phase III (1 January 2013).

In summary, the 2nd 2012 EU ETS Compliance Forum Event focused on:

  1. Providing Member States an overview of and detailed insights into the guidance documents produced in order to support simpler, more efficient and more effective delivery of compliance in accordance with the M&R and A&V Regulations;
  2. Exploring the information exchange and IT Requirements for the third trading period: how to make transfer and handling of data and related information simpler, more efficient and more effective;
  3. Presenting plans and projects for 2013 in support of the EU ETS compliance processes, including: the finalising of guidance documents in relation to the M&R and A&V Regulations; 2013 follow-up of the Emissions Trading Electronic Reporting Project; update of the Directive 2003/87/EC Article 21 questionnaire; outline of the planned 2013 Peer Review project based on further support from Member States/Competent Authorities; and MRV plans related to maritime and aviation.

Experiences of Member States and Compliance Forum Task Force plans and priorities for 2013 were also discussed at the event.


Session I: Monitoring and Reporting Regulation and Guidance

Session II: Accreditation and Verification Regulation and Guidance

Session III: Exploring the Information Exchange and IT Requirements for the 3rd Trading Period

Session IV:Conclusions and Recommendations for the 2013 CF Work Plan