Climate Action

International Technical Meeting on HCFC phase-out

05/04/2008 - 06/04/2008

Agenda of the meeting.

Background document prepared by ICF International.

05 April 2008

Plenary: Opening Session  

Plenary: Technical Case Studies I  
Commercial Refrigeration
Moderator: Stephan Sicars, Multilateral Fund Secretariat

Plenary: Technical Case Studies II  
Small/Medium AC & Heat Pumps
Moderator: Roberto de Aquiar Peixoto, Maua Institute of Technology (Brazil) and Coordinating Lead Author of AC Chapter of IPCC/TEAP, 2005

  • Compressor reliability: HFCs in AC units – File 1: HFC in AC – File 2: HFC compressors (Hideto Nakao, Mitsubishi Electric)
  • High efficiency technologies for small and medium AC units using R-410A – File 1: AC slides – File 2: AC paper (Yasutaka Yoshida, Hitachi Appliances)
  • CO2 heat pump water heaters – File 1: slides – File 2: paper (Shigeharu Taira, Daikin)

Plenary: Technical Case Studies III  
Other Refrigeration/AC
Moderator: Christianna Papazahariou, Secretary General of ECSLA


Plenary: Technical Case Studies IV
Large AC
Moderator: Dave Godwin, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

05 April 2008

Summary of yesterday’s discussion (ICF International)

Plenary: Technical Case Studies V 
Moderator: Mike Jeffs, ISOPA, Lead Author of 2006 FTOC Report

Project Implementation 
Moderator: Thomas Verheye, European Commission

Other case studies

The Use of Natural Refrigerants in Large AC Chillers (Earthcare Products Limited)

The Use of Natural Refrigerants in Small Air Conditioners & Heat Pump Split Systems (Earthcare Products Limited)

The Use of Natural Refrigerants in Supermarket Systems (Earthcare Products Limited)

Evaluation of HCFC Alternative Refrigerants (Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration)

Rooftop Air Conditioning Systems Using R-410A (ITELCO)

Trends and Perspectives in Supermarket Refrigeration (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Kauffeld)

Unilever Ice Cream Cabinets: Conversion to Natural Refrigerants (Unilever Foods)

HFC Scroll chillers - File 1: slides – File 2: paper  (Todd Brown, McQuay)

Ammonia chillers (Michael Reeve, Star Refrigeration)


Summary table on alternatives to HCFCs.

Minutes of the workshop.

List of participants.