Climate Action

Consultation on the Impact Assessment of the enabling legal framework for CCS


On 10 January 2007, the Commission adopted a Communication on "Sustainable Power Generation from Fossil Fuels: aiming for near-zero emissions from coal after 2020". The Communication outlined the Commission's intention to bring forward an enabling legal and policy framework for carbon capture and geological storage. The scope of this framework, and the options for establishing it, were examined on May 8, 2007, in the Working Group on carbon capture and geological storage set up under the European Climate Change Programme II.

The objective of the examination in the ECCP II Working Group was to consult Member States and stakeholders (industry, NGOs, research and academia) on the scope of the impact assessment, the options for managing risks, removing barriers and promoting deployment, and the process for assessing the impacts of the options. Documents of the ECCP II Working Group meeting on CCS:

Two background papers on the impact assessment for the enabling legal framework were submitted to participants before the meeting

Comments on the policy approaches set out in the documents were accepted until 30 May 2007.