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11th EU ETS Compliance Conference

24/11/2020 - 25/11/2020

The 11th edition of the EU ETS Compliance Conference was organised as a virtual event. Over 200 participants from nearly all EU ETS implementing countries participated in several knowledge sharing presentations and discussions around the central theme ‘Towards and beyond 2021’.

In the keynote presentation Beatriz Yordi presented the possible EU ETS future developments in the light of the EU’s increased climate ambition. The legislative package expected in June 2021 will include a proposed revision of the EU ETS Directive, including potential options for tightening of the cap, a review of the Market Stability Reserve, assessment of free allocations and possible extension of the EU ETS to the maritime sector, the building sector and road transport. Viewing all climate action as part of both the EU growth policy and the EU recovery policy, Ms Yordi emphasised addressing distributional impacts by re-investing the EU ETS revenues to stimulate the benefits of the carbon transition and ensuring a fair transition is achieved.

Further presentations on day 1 provided an overview of the main changes in the EU ETS Phase 4 by Marcos Gonzalez Alvarez and Guillaume Coron of DG Climate Action, a full overview of world-wide developments in carbon prices and carbon pricing by Lina Li of ICAP (International Carbon Action Partnership), a detailed presentation on the trends in GHG emissions by Francois Dejean from EEA (European Environment Agency) and an update of IT systems for EU ETS reporting by Sonia Tafaro of DG Climate Action. On day 2 Machtelt Oudenes presented the final results of the EU ETS compliance review, including recommendations for further support for MRVA (Monitoring, Reporting, Verification and Accreditation)harmonisation and compliance. Irene Vergara Cristóbal and Réka Mihály presented the experiences in Spain and Hungary with annual activity data verification and reporting. These and other presentations shared many lessons learned and provided the audience with good examples to help further MRVA implementation and compliance.

As usual the conference had a prominent role for the Compliance Forum Task Forces. In the morning of day 1 three parallel sessions were held in which the Task Forces on Monitoring and Reporting, on Accreditation and Verification, and on Aviation held a series of presentations on recent experiences in MRAV implementation, discussed lessons learned and identified ways forward and elements for further discussion. Day 2 included short summary presentations for each of these Task Forces, along with a short presentation on the Task Force CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage). Conference participants were invited to join the Task Force of their choice to participate in further knowledge exchange in the coming years.


Plenary presentations

Parallel session Track 1: Implementation of monitoring and reporting regulation

Parallel session Track 2: Implementation of accreditation and verification regulation

Parallel session Track 3: Aviation in the EU ETS