Action pour le climat

10th EU ETS Compliance Conference

26/11/2019 - 27/11/2019

Participants enjoyed informative presentations on various elements of EU climate policy and the EU ETS MRVA compliance activities in particular. Two keynote presentations focused on the 2019 refinement of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Guidelines for national greenhouse gas inventories as well as discussions on an EU long term strategy provided a wider context and setting.

Further presentations included short overviews of the Compliance Task Force activities, an overview on DG CLIMA’s work in support of EU ETS MRVA, a status report on implementation of the EU MRV shipping regulation and the results of the 5th EU ETS compliance review. In a video message to the Compliance Conference, Professor Duan provided an update on the Chinese national ETS.

Following the format of successful earlier editions, the Compliance Conference once again dedicated a significant amount of time to four breakout sessions in which more in-depth discussions were held on four areas. Breakout sessions I and II discussed further updates and technical implementation aspects of respectively the Monitoring and Reporting Regulation (MRR) and the Accreditation and Verification Regulation (AVR). In breakout session III, aviation experts gathered to discuss the status of implementation of the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) and EU ETS aviation, sharing lessons learned to date and implementation challenges. Breakout session IV focused on implementation of the Free Allocation Rules (FAR), focusing on the Monitoring Methodology Plan approval process and sharing experiences in implementation of the new FAR.

The Compliance Forum Task Forces play a central role in the knowledge exchange and the wider Compliance Forum activities. During the plenary presentations, Task Force leaders presented a short overview of the aims, ongoing activities and planned work, and invited all competent authority representatives to join their meetings and further activities. The chairpersons welcomed the various ways offered by the Compliance Forum to discuss topical matters in EU ETS MRVA implementation and compliance. After a successful conference, they invited the participants to further in-depth learning in the training event on unreasonable costs, data gaps and uncertainty assessment.


Plenary presentations

  1. 2019 IPCC Refinement Romano
  2. Long term Strategy Hanoune
  3. Report Breakout session 1
  4. Report Breakout session 2
  5. Compliance Evaluation Oudenes
  6. Commission plans and projects 2020 Coron
  7. MRV maritime state of play Noel
  8. Report Breakout session 3
  9. Report Breakout session 4

Breakout session I: Further update of the MRR and technical implementation aspects

  1. Overview of existing changes in the MRR Palmqvist
  2. Biomass_REDII phase IV Buchner
  3. Biogas from grid Fonfara
  4. Future changes Kołoczek

Breakout session II: Further update of the AVR and technical implementation aspects

  1. Overview changes AVR Kleijn
  2. CA Experiences FAR verification Prendergast
  3. Improving Verifiers Competence Municio
  4. Verifiers capacity Berki
  5. Familiarity risk Teodorescu

Breakout session III: Aviation - revisions for further CORSIA implementation and CORSIA reporting

  1. Aviation DG CLIMA Mungiu
  2. Implementation Challenges Hussels
  3. Aviation lessons Greece Markoudakis
  4. Aviation lessons Italy Mizzoni
  5. ETSSF evolution for CORSIA Astorino

Breakout session IV: Implementation of the FAR - lessons learned

  1. MMP approval Flanders Lemmens
  2. MMP approval Bulgaria Angelova
  3. FAR Challenges Broosova

Task Force activities