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Climate Action

The EU and China have a long-standing cooperation on climate change and have agreed to further step up joint efforts.

Since 2005, the EU-China Partnership on Climate Change has provided a high-level political framework for cooperation and dialogue.

This was confirmed in the 2010 Joint statement and enhanced in the 2015 Joint statement and the 2018 Leaders’ statement.

Areas of cooperation

At the EU-China Summit in July 2018, both sides reaffirmed their commitment to advance the implementation of the Paris Agreement and intensify their cooperation on climate change and clean energy.

The EU and China agreed to strengthen bilateral cooperation for example on

  • long-term low greenhouse gas emission development strategies
  • emissions trading – e.g. under the Memorandum of Understanding
  • energy efficiency
  • clean energy
  • low-emission transport
  • low-carbon cities
  • climate-related technology
  • investment in climate and clean energy projects, and
  • cooperation with other developing countries.

Examples of joint projects