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Planning of the second call for small-scale project proposals

The second call for small-scale projects is planned to be launched in March 2022 with an expected budget of EUR 100 million and will remain open for five months. The call text and application process will remain largely similar to those of the first call.

EventTiming (expected)
Launch of the second small-scale call15 March 2022
Deadline for the submission of applicationslate August 2022
Information on evaluation results and invitation for grant preparationQ1 2023
Award of the grants and PDAAs of Q2 2023

Awarded small-scale projects

The first projects selected for grant award have signed their grant agreements on 4 November 2021, during a side-event of the COP26 conference. The rest of the selected projects are planned to sign their grant agreements in the following weeks.

In addition, project development assistance was awarded to 10 rejected proposals which met the minimum requirements set in the call for proposals and were considered by the evaluators to have the potential to improve their maturity. The project development assistance is provided by the European Investment Bank.

Map of successful projects: grants and project development assistance

The project fiches featured below aim at presenting more details for each awarded project, from basic information regarding the applicant, grant requested, location to innovativeness of the technology, project benefits and scaling-up potential.


The list will be continuously updated to include all the small-scale projects that sign the grant agreements with CINEA.

Overview of the first call for small-scale project proposals

The first call for small-scale projects opened on 1 December 2020 with a budget of EUR 100 million for breakthrough technologies in renewable energy, energy-intensive industries, energy storage, and carbon capture, use and storage. The call closed on 10 March 2021 and we received 232 applications for innovative clean tech projects in all sectors located in all EU Member States, Iceland and Norway.

During the second quarter 2021, independent evaluators assessed the proposals which fulfilled the admissibility and eligibility conditions against the award criteria. Applicants were informed about the results of the evaluation process for the first call for small-scale projects in July 2021. 32 successful applicants were invited to start the grant preparation process.

The timeline of the call is presented below:

Launch of small-scale call1 December 2020
Deadline for submission of applications10 March 2021
Information on evaluation results and invitation for grant preparationMid July 2021
PDA award decisionNovember 2021
Grant award decisionNovember-December 2021

You will find all information and documentation about this call at the Funding and Tenders Portal, including the call text, application forms, Frequently Asked Questions and the helpdesk for additional questions.

More information is also available on CINEA website.

Questionnaire on the Innovation Fund application process

We gathered feedback on the application process of the call for small-scale projects. We are integrating the recommendations into the preparation of the future Innovation Fund calls to improve the application process. You can find a complete overview of the results of the survey.


Innovation Fund webinar 1: small-scale call application step-by-step

Key elements of first call for small-scale projects

The first call for small-scale projects will fund innovative projects in clean energy and industry to support the deployment of key technologies needed to reach climate neutrality and contribute to Europe’s green recovery.

Key elements of the first call for small-scale projects:


The emphasis was on truly innovative projects that are ready for commercial deployment, for instance delivering installations to a customer in a new market segment. Apart from the main sectors, three key activities were encouraged: products that substitute carbon-intensive ones, net carbon removal innovations and direct air capture.

Preparation of the first call for small-scale projects

The first call for small-scale projects was prepared throughout 2020 with the active involvement of the Innovation Fund Expert Group.