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Climate Action

The European Climate Pact is an EU-wide initiative inviting people, communities and organisations to participate in climate action and build a greener Europe.

The Pact is an EU-wide initiative that invites people, communities and organisations to:

  • Connect and share knowledge
  • Learn about climate change
  • Develop, implement and scale up solutions

As an open and inclusive initiative, the Pact will evolve and grow thanks to the creativity, needs and ideas of those becoming part of it.

Why do we need a Climate Pact?

The climate crisis is real and affects all of us but everyone can contribute to find solutions.

The EU is taking action to fight climate change. But laws and policies won’t be enough alone. Our everyday choices matter. Climate action is an opportunity for everyone to improve our lives, our economy and our society.

While many people and organisations are already taking steps for the climate, others are eager to learn more so they can start making climate-conscious choices. The European Climate Pact intends to bring everyone together.

What is the Climate Pact?

The Climate Pact provides a space for people across all walks of life to connect and collectively develop and implement climate solutions, big and small. By sharing ideas and best practices, we can multiply their impact.

The Pact will focus on spreading awareness and supporting action.

There will be many ways to take part. Here are some of the first:

For more information, visit the Pact website.

Focus areas

In the starting phase, the Pact will prioritise actions focused on four areas that offer immediate benefits not only for the climate and the environment, but also for the health and wellbeing of citizens:

The Pact will expand over time to other areas, such as sustainable consumption and production, the quality of soils, healthy food and sustainable diets, oceans, rural and coastal areas and others.

The Pact has an open mandate and its scope will evolve based on the ideas and contributions of the people and organisations that become part of it.

Open public consultation

The online public consultation on the Climate Pact received more than 3500 replies. The submissions were used to shape the initiative.

Contact information

For questions about the Climate Pact, please contact