Climate Action
Citizen support for climate action

Citizen support for climate action


Europeans are concerned about climate change and support action across the EU, according to a recent survey by the European Commission (Eurobarometer).

Main survey findings

  • 91% see climate change as a serious problem, 69% as a "very serious" and 22% as a "fairly serious" problem.
  • Most people agree (93%) that fighting climate change will only be effective if all countries of the world act together.
  • The vast majority of Europeans support national action on improving energy efficiency (92%) and on increasing the use of renewable energy (91%) by 2030.

Boosting the economy and jobs

81% of EU citizens – and a substantial majority in every country – recognise that fighting climate change and using energy more efficiently can boost the economy and create jobs.

Public action

93% of respondents had already taken some action against climate change such as reducing and recycling waste (74%) and trying to cut their use of disposable items such as plastic bags from supermarkets and excessive packaging (57%).

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