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DG CLIMA organigram


001 - Communication

HR.BC - HR Business Correspondent

Directorate A "International, Mainstreaming & Policy Coordination"

The mission of Directorate A is to

  • coordinate inter-institutional relations, the implementation of the Paris Agreement as well as continuing international climate negotiations,
  • protect the ozone layer and reduce the use of fluorinated gases,
  • promote climate resilience at EU and international level, and
  • stimulate the effective deployment of funding for mitigating climate change, including within the EU budget.

Unit A1 "International and Inter-Institutional Relations"

  • Work with international community, EU Member States and key third country partners towards the effective implementation of the Paris Agreement
  • Enhance climate policy dialogues and cooperation activities bilaterally with third countries with the view to contribute to accelerated transition to a global climate resilient, low carbon economy
  • Collaborate with other Commission services, the European Union External Action Service and the service for Foreign Policy Instruments to pursue and scale up climate diplomacy around the world, including in the context of G8 and G20
  • Maintain an effective relationship with the Council and the European Parliament, other European institutions and consultative bodies in order to contribute to the successful endorsement or adoption of climate initiatives through the inter-institutional process
  • Handle and process the questions, opinions and complaints originating in other EU institutions and bodies.

Unit A2 "Climate Finance, Mainstreaming, Montreal Protocol"

Unit A3 "Adaptation"

  • Develop climate resilience and promote climate action across the EU, at national, regional and urban level, through the implementation of the EU strategy on adaptation to climate change
  • Mainstream adaptation to climate change into the different EU policy areas (water, infrastructure, innovation, etc.)
  • Promote the achievement of climate action in the European Structural and Investment Funds, regional and urban funds (European Regional Development Fund, Cohesion Fund) and European Maritime and Fisheries Fund
  • Promote climate resilience internationally in the framework of international climate negotiations and within those countries most vulnerable to climate change, such as Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and Small Island States (SIDS).

Unit A4 "Financial Resources & Planning"

Unit A.4 aims to provide to DG CLIMA a qualitative, responsive and solution-oriented service in terms of sound and efficient management of its financial resources, documents, planning, reporting and evaluation processes.

As a centre of excellence, it aims to put in place effective document management as well as control procedures in compliance with the Financial Regulation, the new Internal (financial) Control Framework, Risk Management, the Anti-Fraud Strategy and the Better Regulation package to e.g. guarantee the legality and regularity of the underlying transactions and the accuracy of the accounts.

Directorate B "European & International Carbon Markets"

The mission of directorate B is to

  • ensure the proper functioning, integrity and implementation of the EU Emission Trading System (EU ETS) including aviation,
  • coordinate the monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions from shipping , and
  • encourage the development of an international carbon market.

Unit B1 "ETS Policy Development and Auctioning"

  • Play a key role in building, maintaining and operating the European Union's flagship policy for combatting climate change, the EU ETS
  • Contribute to the system's strategic development to achieve cost-effective greenhouse gases emission reductions beyond 2020 and to enable the EU ETS to serve as an inspiration for the rest of the world
  • Develop and support the implementation of legal and technical solutions to ensure the smooth functioning of the European carbon market in particular with regard to large-scale auctioning.

Unit B2 "ETS Implementation"

  • Develop and implement efficient and secure operation of the Union registry
  • Ensure coherent implementation by the Member States of harmonised allocation rules based on product benchmarks for the calculation of free allowances as well as for the calculation of the International Credit Entitlements in the EU ETS in the period 2013-2020
  • Address issues of industrial competitiveness in relation to implementation of the EU ETS, including the risk of carbon leakage for industry.

Unit B3 "International Carbon Market, Aviation and Maritime"

  • Extend market-based incentives for effectively and cost-effectively reducing greenhouse gas emissions both inside the EU and globally, by encouraging emissions trading systems and the linking of these, with the ultimate aim of building an international carbon trading market
  • Implement and develop the EU ETS in respect of aviation's climate change impacts and encouraging measures to reduce impacts from aviation, in particular from third countries
  • Develop and encourage measures to significantly reduce maritime transport's climate change impacts, including European legislation appropriate to achieve this goal
  • Give incentives through the EU ETS Directive and other EU legislation for appropriate activities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in third countries, including through the development of sectoral mechanisms.

Directorate C "Climate strategy, Governance and Emissions from Non-trading Sectors"

The mission of Directorate C is to

  • support the development of cost-efficient climate policies and strategies,
  • streamline climate and energy governance, especially monitoring and evaluation,
  • prepare, negotiate, implement and enforce legislation covering sectors outside emissions trading (i.e. households, transport, agriculture, forestry, and carbon capture, use and storage), and
  • design and implement public-private funding mechanisms fostering modernisation and innovation.

Unit C1 "Strategy & Economic Assessment"

Unit C2 "Governance & Effort Sharing"

  • Lead the Commission's development and implementation of monitoring, reporting and verification systems of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU and globally, in order to track progress towards the achievement of climate objectives in the most transparent and coherent way
  • Prepare and implement the work on streamlining climate and energy governance in connection with the development of the Energy Union
  • Prepare, negotiate, implement and enforce legislation on effort sharing (i.e. emissions reductions in sectors outside of the scope of the EU Emissions Trading System).

Unit C3 "Land Use and Finance for Innovation"

  • Reconcile mitigation objectives related to agriculture, forestry and land use with food security, biomass and bioenergy use, by advancing climate smart agriculture and forestry practices and supporting the progressive inclusion of these sectors into the EU's domestic and international climate policy in order to reduce emissions and enhance their removal
  • Enhance EU domestic climate finance for innovation, by addressing new options for sourcing, leveraging, delivery and governance of low carbon finance that is compatible with sustainable growth and contributes to the implementation of the EU's climate and energy policies.

Unit C4 "Road Transport"