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Last update: 17-08-2004
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General Information - Austria

Flag of Austria

There might be a situation where you are in dispute with a company, a professional person, your employer, a member of your family or somebody else in your own country or abroad which has a connection with Austria.

To help you solve this problem you will need relevant information such as how to obtain access to justice in Austria.

Much of this information can be obtained in these pages of the European Judicial Network.

This is the Homepage of Austria

in the European Judicial Network in civil and commercial matters




83.858 km2



Date of accession to the Community



Euro (€)

Official language(s)


National anthem

"Land der Berge"
(lyrics by Paula von Preradovic,
music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,
KV 623a)

Relevant links

General and practical information on law and procedures in Austria to help you solve your dispute can be found by clicking on the topics on the left of the screen.


Last update: 17-08-2004

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