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Call for proposals operating grants 2014-2017 - Europe for Citizens Programme (2014-2020)


The call for proposals for Structural support for European public policy research organisations (think tanks) and for civil society organisations at European level has been published - COMM-C2/01-2013

The aim of the present call for proposals is to select organisations with European outreach which, through their permanent, usual and regular activities, make a tangible contribution to the objectives of the ‘Europe for Citizens’ programme.

It concerns structural support, referred to as operating grants, to bodies pursuing an aim of general Union interest, to raise awareness on European remembrance (strand 1) or to encourage democratic and civic participation (strand 2).

Support is granted to organisations in the form of Framework Partnerships for four years (2014-2017) awarded further to this call for proposals.


ENmsw8(108 kB)-FRmsw8(105 kB)-DEmsw8(100 kB) - BGmsw8(132 kB)-CSmsw8(126 kB)-DAmsw8(101 kB)-ELmsw8(128 kB)-ESmsw8(97 kB)-ETmsw8(99 kB)-FImsw8(100 kB)-HRmsw8(121 kB)-HUmsw8(119 kB)-ITmsw8(103 kB)-LTmsw8(126 kB)-LVmsw8(136 kB)-MTmsw8(125 kB)-NLmsw8(89 kB)-PLmsw8(126 kB)-PTmsw8(99 kB)-ROmsw8(133 kB)-SKmsw8(127 kB)-SLmsw8(116 kB)-SVmsw8(103 kB)


(EN)msw8(158 kB)
(FR)msw8(160 kB)
(DE)msw8(183 kB)


1. MODEL OF APPLICATION FORM : PDFpdf(72 kB) Choose translations of the previous link   


Submission procedure 

Step1: Register organisations

In order to submit an application, applicants will have to register their organisation in the Education, Audiovisual, Culture, Citizenship and Volunteering Participant Portal and receive a Participant Identification Code (PIC). The PIC will be requested to generate the application form.

The Participant Portal is the tool through which all legal and financial information related to organisations will be managed. Information on how to register can be found in the portal under the following address:

Step 2: Creation and fill in the application eForm

Once you have carried out Step 1, you can proceed to the creation of your application eForm using the following procedurepdf(3 MB) Choose translations of the previous link .

The applications have to be submitted using only the grant application electronic form (eForm). All data fields of the eForm have to be completed.

Applications submitted on paper by post, fax or e-mail will NOT be accepted for further evaluation. DO NOT SEND A COPY of the eForm and attached documents by post to the Commission or the Agency.

2. MODEL OF BUDGET FORMexcel8book(163 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 


4. Model of Framework Partnership Decision and Specific Annual Grant Decision will be available on the EACEA website in January 2014.

5. Legal Entity Form (all languages)

6. Financial Identification Form (all languages)

7. Declaration of honourmsw8(83 kB)


The deadline for submission of applications is 20 December 2013 at 12.00 p.m. (midday Brussels time)