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How to sign up to an initiative?

To be able to sign up to a European citizens' initiative you need to be an EU citizen (national of a member state) old enough to vote* in European Parliament elections (18 except in Austria, where the voting age is 16).

In order to do so, you have to fill in a specific statement of support form provided by the organisers of the initiative, on paper or online (if the organisers have provided a website for that purpose). See the sections below for more information on how to do so.

Before signing up, check that the form includes all the required information regarding the initiative (the title, description and objectives) as well as the Commission registration number for that initiative. If you wish, you can check that the initiative has been registered on this website (organisers are required to register their initiative before starting to collect statements of support).

* Citizens do not need to be entitled or registered to vote, just old enough.

Data requirements

The data you are required to provide in your statement of support form depend on the member state which you come from. This is due to the fact that national authorities are responsible for verifying the validity of signatories' statements of support and for certifying the number of valid statements collected in each country (organisers of initiatives are required to collect a certain number of signatures in at least 7 EU member states). The required data therefore correspond to what the member states consider necessary to verify a statement of support.

If you live in a member state but you are a national of another member state or if you hold the nationality of several member states, you will need to choose the country for which your statement of support will be counted. You should select the country which will be able to verify the data you provide in your statement of support: depending on the case, this could be the country that issued the personal identification (document) number that you provide, your country of residence or your country (or one of your countries) of nationality.

In any case, you are allowed to sign up to a given initiative only once.

The requirements for each country can be found here.

For more information, click here.

Signing up on paper

Signing up online

Particular cases

What happens next?

Once the organisers of the citizens' initiative have collected the required number of statements of support (one million overall and the required minimum numbers in at least 7 member states), they will submit them to the competent authorities in each country where they have collected in order for them to be verified. Once the authorities have verified them they will issue a certificate to the organisers stating the valid number of statements of support collected. Verification by the national authorities will involve checking that the data that you have provided are correct.

Data protection

Both the organisers of an initiative and the national authorities are required to protect your data throughout the procedure and cannot use your data for any other purpose.

For more information on how your data will be protected, click here.