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Before launching your initiative and starting to collect statements of support, you have to ask the Commission to register your proposed initiative on this site.

Once you have submitted your request, the Commission will check if your proposed initiative meets the conditions for registration set out in Article 4 of the Regulation on the citizens' initiative and will answer within 2 months.

You cannot start collecting statements of support for your initiative until your registration has been confirmed by the Commission.

Before accessing the registration form


  • the procedures and conditions

  • that your proposed initiative concerns a matter where the Commission has the power to act

  • that your citizens' committee is composed of at least seven members old enough to vote in EP elections coming from at least seven member states

  • that you have designated a representative and his/her substitute and that you are aware of their role

  • that you have all the information you need to fill in the registration form (see sample form)

  • that you are aware of data protection obligations applicable to organisers of a citizens initiative

  • the applicable rules for online collection (only in case you wish to collect online). This includes the fact that you are responsible for your own online collection system and that you need to get it certified by the competent national authority before starting the online collection. Please note that you can request the certification of your system before registering your proposed initiative which may allow you to start collecting online from the day of registration by the Commission

  • Should you have any questions, please contact Europe Direct.

NB: please bear in mind that the 12-month collection period will automatically start from the moment the registration of your proposed initiative is confirmed by the Commission (maximum 2 months from your request). We therefore advise you to complete your preparation before submitting your registration request.

You are also advised to give a thought to alternative ways of approaching or influencing the EU which may be more appropriate for your request.

Important: You will have 20 hours to fill in the form.

Please note that as organisers of a citizens' initiative, you will be liable and subject to penalties for any infringement of the Regulation on the citizens' initiative, especially false declarations or fraudulent use of data.

Registration form