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The procedure step by step
Verification of statements of support by the competent national authorities

Once organisers have collected the necessary statements of support, they must ask the competent national authorities in each member state where they have collected statements of support to certify the number of valid statements of support collected for that country.

Organisers must ask for certification separately, and only once, for each member state for which they have collected statements of support.

Organisers can send statements of support in paper or electronically. However, they will need to separate those statements of support collected in paper form, those collected through an online collection system and those which were electronically signed using an advanced electronic signature.

Statements of support collected online can either be printed and sent in paper form or sent in electronic form via a secure means such as encrypted files in a CD-ROM. XML files could also be used if they are accepted by the national authority concerned. The software developed by the Commission allows the export of statements of support in XML format.

The national authorities have 3 months to certify the number of valid statements of support. They will use appropriate checks to verify the statements, which can be based on random sampling.

Organisers may want to collect more statements of support than required as the checks of the national authorities may lead them to certify a lower number of statements than what the organisers provided.

For more information on verification of statements of support, see FAQ.