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The procedure step by step
Preparation and setting up of a citizens' committee


Citizens that are thinking of launching an initiative should first consider whether the European citizens' initiative is the best way to promote their idea, bearing in mind that a citizens' initiative must be an invitation to the Commission to propose legislation.

In order to prepare a citizens' initiative, potential organisers should therefore carefully read the information provided on this website and consult the following pages in particular:

You may also wish to consult the organisations that you find here if you are looking for more information or assistance, or to share ideas on possible citizens' initiatives.

The citizens' committee: the organiser of the citizens' initiative

A citizens' initiative has to be proposed by a citizens' committee composed of at least 7 EU citizens old enough to vote in European Parliament elections (18 years old, except in Austria & Malta where the voting age is 16, and Greece where the voting age is 17) and living in at least 7 different member states. They do not have to be nationals of 7 different member states although they do have to hold the nationality of an EU member state.

This committee is considered as the official "organiser" of the initiative and is responsible for managing the procedure throughout.

The committee must designate from among its members a representative and a substitute to speak and act on their behalf. These will be the contact persons who will liaise between the committee and the Commission throughout the procedure.

Members of the European Parliament cannot be counted for the purpose of reaching the minimum number of 7 citizens required to form a citizens' committee.

For more information on citizens' committees, see FAQ.