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Can your idea be a citizens' initiative?

To have an idea of whether your proposal can be the subject of a citizens' initiative, you must check that it concerns a policy area where the EU has competence and that in this policy area, the Commission has the power to submit a proposal for a legal act.

Among the information necessary to have your initiative registered, you will have to indicate the Treaty provision(s) (article or broader reference) you consider relevant for the action you are proposing.

  1. Check if your idea relates to one or more of the policy areas listed below

  2. Read the corresponding Treaty articles to see if the Commission has the power to submit a proposal for a legal act in that policy area

The Commission is empowered to propose a legal act when:

  1. If you need more information:

Policy area Treaty articles (TFEU*, unless provided otherwise)
Agriculture and fisheries Articles 38 – 44
Budget Articles 310 – 324
Civil protection Article 196
Competition Articles 101 – 109
Consumer protection Article 169
Culture Article 167
Customs Articles 30 – 33
Development and cooperation Articles 208 – 213
Economic and monetary policies Articles 119 – 144
Education, training, youth and sport Articles 165 – 166
Employment and social affairs Articles 145 – 161
Energy Article 194
Enlargement TEU * – Article 49
Article 212
Environment and climate action Articles 191 – 193
External trade Articles 206 – 207
Fight against fraud Articles 325
Food safety Articles 43, 168 – 169
Free movement:
  • Persons
  • Services
  • Capital

Humanitarian aid Article 214
Industry and enterprise Article 173
Information society Articles 179 – 190
Internal market and free movement of goods Articles 26 – 29, 114, 115
Justice, freedom and security
  • Policies on border checks, asylum and immigration
  • Judicial cooperation
  • Police cooperation
Articles 67 – 89
Non-discrimination and citizenship Articles 18 – 25
Public health Article 168
Regional policy – Economic, social and territorial cohesion Articles 174 – 178, Articles 162 – 164
Research and innovation Articles 179 – 190
Taxation Articles 110 – 113
Tourism Article 195
Transport Articles 90 – 100
NB: This list covers the broad policy areas set out in the EU Treaties and may not be exhaustive. Please consult the full text of the Treaties for more information.

* TFEU = Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union
TEU = Treaty on European Union

The above text is intended as a guide to help potential organisers of citizens' initiatives. It is not legally binding on the European Commission. It does not claim to be exhaustive and does not represent an official interpretation of the text of the Treaties.