05 February 2019 | News
Early Detection of Tuberculosis Consortium (E-DETECT TB) – project update

The E-DETECT TB consortium brings together world leading Tuberculosis (TB) experts in national public health agencies (INMI IT, KNCV NL, NTPR RO, FoHM SWE, DH PHE UK), industry (Delft diagnostics) and major academic centres (UNIBS, UCL, OSR, KI, HSPC). The overall objective of the consortium is to contribute to a decline, and the eventual elimination, of TB in the EU by addressing TB in key vulnerable groups identified through the surveillance system in each respective country.

The project E-DETECT TB is co-funded by the EU Health Programme.

Project activities in videos and articles:

WP 4 Outreach screening for tuberculosis in Romania

About 2200 people were screened and 1900 x-rays taken in the last 6 months, targeting the prison population, but now discussions are on-going to screen homeless and screen people using drugs people, involving NGOs taking care of them. Mobile unit tour

WP 5 Screening migrants for active and latent tuberculosis in Italy

Between November 2016 and December 2017, 3787 migrants received medical evaluation. Large influx of migrant through the Central Mediterranean route has decreased in the last year. The sustainability plan in Italy will focus on active and latent TB screening in big Italian Cities where migrant are relocated (Settled migrant screening), with support from the Ministry of Health to support a study to optimize screening of migrants in the North of Italy.

WP 7 Development and implementation of national TB action plans and strategies across the EU/EEA

A web-based survey, with a 100% response rate from the 31 EU/EEA member states has provided up-to-date information on the development and implementation of national TB action plans and strategies across the EU/EEA. This work was published in the European Respiratory Journal