Joint actions

Presentations 2019 call

Joint Action on implementation of validated best practices in the field of nutrition Attila BALOGH, SANTE, EC
Joint action on implementation of digitally enabled integrated person-centred care Filip DOMANSKI/Loukianos GATZOULIS, SANTE, EC
Joint Action to strengthen health preparedness and response to biological and chemical terror attacks Agnes Marta MOLNAR/ Wolfgang PHILIPP , SANTE, EC
Role of CHAFEA for the implementation of Joint Actions Dirk MEUSEL, Chafea, EC
Experiences and Lessons learned from Joint Action Coordination Tit ALBREHT (iPAAC), NIJZ, Slovenia
Examples for dissemination during a Joint Action Laura ALONSO (JAMRAI), AEMPS, Spain
Evaluating the success of a Joint Action Guy DARGENT, Chafea, EC
Evaluating the Joint Action HA-REACT - Evaluation framework, methods and tools Dr Heike Zurhold, ZIS Hamburg
Sustainability of activities after the Joint Action's end Anne-Marie YAZBECK, Chafea, EC
Sustainability of activities after the Joint Action's end Jan HEIDRICH (JA HEALTHY GATEWAYS), UKE, Hamburg, Germany