Beneficiary's Corner


If you are a coordinator of a project funded by the Chafea, and you are preparing a request for payment (interim or final payment), you will find in these documents some guidance, which will facilitate the report preparation and speed up the processing of your request for payment.

Final Reporting 2nd Health Programme (before 2014)

Guidelines for Request of Further Pre-financing Payment - Grant for an Action

Guidelines for Request of Balance Payment - Grant for an Action

Financial Workshop 7-12-2015 - Preparation of the final financial report

Final Report for Joint Actions & Projects

Financial Workshop 7-12-2015 - Preparation of the final technical report

Supporting documents for the final report

Individual certificate of costs template

Request of balance payment

Checklist final payment

Guidelines for Request of Balance Payment - Grants for an Action

Grants since 2006 - Balance Payment Financial Report Template

Financial Guarantee

If a pre-financing financial guarantee is foreseen in the grant agreement you have signed with the Agency, you are requested to submit such a guarantee to the Agency before the pre-financing can be raised. The pre-financing payment shall be made after receipt and approval of the financial guarantee by the Agency. In this document you will find the Chafea template to be used:

Chafea template for financial guarantee - Grant for an Action

Final Reporting 3rd Health Programme (since 2014)

Templates for project grants since 2014 are provided in the respective modules under the FUNDING and TENDERING PORTAL (Participant Portal).

Overview of the reporting process

Periodic/Final and Continuous Technical Report

Financial report


In order to comply with the requirements regarding ex-post controls of costs incurred in the framework of the project, coordinator should make sure that all of the costs are strictly recorded in the accounting records of all the beneficiaries. For staff time, they should be recorded in the following time sheet:

Timesheet 3rd HP

Timesheet 2nd HP

Managing procurement contracts

Template Letter for pre-financing guarantee (procurement)