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Organisation and implementation of training activities on HACCP principles and audit techniques under the "Better Training for Safer Food" initiative

Deadline for application: 27 September 2013
Identifier: EAHC/2013/BTSF/01

Published on: 25.7.2013

The present call for tender covers the organisation and implementation of training activities on HACCP principles and audit techniques.

The contractor will organise and implement 24 five-day training courses covering relevant aspects applicable to controls to be carried out to verify compliance with general hygiene requirements and HACCP procedures put in place by food operators.

The training objective is to develop the ability to conduct audits to verify the proper implementation of HACCP-based systems by food business operators, taking into account their specificities and particularities and with a flexible approach. Providing training on such control techniques will assist in developing a consistent approach across the Member States and will assist in providing assurances that the audit findings in different reports are of comparable value.

These training sessions are addressed both to officials from Competent Authorities involved in planning and control activities (preferably at headquarters’ level), and field inspectors involved in control activities in food establishments. Participants shall have adequate (minimum 3 years) professional experience, be familiar with the relevant EU legislation and be in a position to train others following their attendance.

These courses will be held in three or more distinct locations, to be chosen by the Contractor, geographically equally distributed among the different EU Member States.

The course content must include at least the following:

  • Role and importance of general hygiene requirements (prerequisite programmes) in food safety management;
  • Background to HACCP systems (principles, benefits, relationship with business Quality Assurance programmes);
  • Evaluation of a HACCP plan and its adequateness to the nature of the activities performed (flexibility);
  • Preparation of audit activities (research, desk review, risk based targeting, checklist development, etc);
  • Performing the audit, collection of audit evidence, drawing findings and conclusions and making recommendations (relationship between these steps in the process);
  • Reporting on the audit and follow-up.

In order to achieve the best results from the training courses, the expected global number for the whole training programme is 605 participants.

The total number of participants will be approximately 280 globally of which the estimated number of supported participants will be approximately 160 globally.