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Organisation and implementation of training activities on Food composition and information mainly for EU Member States under the "Better Training for Safer Food" initiative

Deadline for application: 28 September 2012
Identifier: EAHC/2012/BTSF/05

Published on: 13.7.2012

This call covers the organisation and implementation of training activities for officials mainly from EU Member States. The training concerns EU legislation on Food composition and information under the technical scope of the 'Better Training for Safer Food' Initiative.

The training is mainly addressed to Member State staff in charge of controls of the food labelling requirements. The contractor will organise and implement 15 four-day training courses in three or more appropriate EU locations to be selected by the contractor. The contractor should keep up with changes in the relevant legislations and be able to adapt its workshops to take into account the most-up-to-date developments in the rules in the relevant areas (e.g. revision of legislation on "dietetic foods"). The attendance should be approximately 40 people for each course which means an expected global number of 615 for the whole training programme. The courses will be offered first to participants from EU Member States and other countries according to the following instructions:

  • a maximum of 25 officials from respectively Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Poland;
  • a maximum of 15 officials from each of the other EU Member States and candidate countries (e.g. Iceland, FYROM, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey).

The global participation from EU Member States and candidate countries should not exceed 545 participants. The other 70 places should be assigned, with a maximum of 2 participants from each country, in the following way:

  • approximately 10 participants from EFTA and EEA countries (e.g. Norway, Switzerland);
  • approximately 60 participants from the European Neighbouring Policy countries (ENP), Mediterranean basin countries and from selected third countries. The contractor is requested to foresee in the tender travel costs for participants from these countries in the following way: 24 participants from ENP and Mediterranean basin countries (e.g. Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Lebanon, Egypt, and Morocco), 12 participants from Latin American countries (e.g. Brazil and Argentina), 12 participants from other African countries (e.g. South Africa, Congo/ Brazzaville, Mauritius and Senegal) and 12 participants respectively from other Asian countries (e.g. China and India).