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The provision of modules for e-learning training courses under the "Better Training for Safer Food" initiative

Deadline for application:
Identifier: EAHC/2011/BTSF/11

he present call for tender covers the development of 5 e-learning training modules to be carried out within the “Better Training for Safer Food” (BTSF) initiative.

The BTSF programme is designed to train staff of EU Member States (MS)’ competent authorities involved in official control activities with the aim to keep them up-to-date with all aspects of EU Laws in the areas specified above and ensure with this that controls are carried out in a uniform and adequate manner in all Member States. Training organised for EU Member States is also available to participants from Third Countries.

A key factor in responding to the high level of demand is an increase in training supply. Development of an e-learning tool means reaching larger audience with lower costs, it allows preparing different knowledge-based level of the courses and in the same time courses are more flexible in the terms of time management of MS officials. The idea of this call is to create e-learning modules for basic-level trainings which could serve as a starting point for more targeted and practically oriented trainings. Offering basic-level trainings through e-learning would increase the outreach and the number of participants.

Applying the e-learning system to basic-level courses for all training programmes will improve the quality of the BTSF trainings by clarifying the technical focus. It will facilitate the identification of equally knowledge-based participants and will ease the selection procedures of participants for more advanced classical types of BTSF workshops and courses, where more individual approach can be given. Applying e-learning to basics will also simplify the task to create such a unique tool in BTSF training scheme.

In the first part of our pilot phase, we have launched during 2011 a first call for tender for the development of 5 modules on average of 4 hours per e-learning course in 3 EU languages (EN, FR, DE) on the following technical topics: welfare at slaughter, food contact materials, HACCP, RASFF and BSE/TSEs. This contract started after the completion of all public procurement procedures in September 2011.

In the second part of our pilot phase, a second call is currently launched for the development of 5 further modules on average of again 4 hours per e-learning course on 5 other technical subjects in 5 EU languages (EN, FR, DE, ES and PT or IT) and to make the 5 first modules translated into 2 other chosen languages (ES and PT or IT).