Better Training for Safer Food
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Organisation and implementation of training activities concerning food testing and Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) issues for Third Countries in the frame of the "Better Training for Safer Food" programme

Deadline for application: 11 September 2009

The objective of the call for tender is to organise laboratory training courses focusing on analytical training to laboratory technicians from third countries, in particular developing countries.

The contractor will be requested to organise and run a total of 6 two-week training sessions, in the following three fields:

  • Mycotoxins with particular attention to aflatoxins and ochratoxin A (Course 1);
  • Microbiology (Course 2);
  • Residues (Course 3) N.B.: Course 3 is divided in two different events, one course mainly focused on residues of veterinary drugs (Course 3a) and one on pesticide residues (Course 3b)

There will be two 2-week sessions for both Course 1 and 2; Course 3 is split in one two-week training session for 3a and one two-week training session for 3b.

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