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Organisation and implementation of training activities on the controls on contaminants in food under the "Better Training for Safer Food" initiative

Deadline for application: 7 October 2016
Identifier: Chafea/2016/BTSF/05

Published on: 9.08.2016

The present call for tender covers the organisation and implementation of training activities on the controls on contaminants in food.

The contractor will organise and implement 12 three-day training courses in 3 or more different EU locations, selected by the contractor in accordance with the following instructions:

  • a) Course 1 (8 three-day courses) on the understanding of EU regulations and guidelines applicable to the control of contaminants;
  • b) Course 2 (4 three-day courses) on official controls plans and systems for the control of contaminants.

It is envisaged that the service contract will be implemented in two phases each for a 24-month duration. The initiation of the second phase is subject to EU budget availability, persistence of the training need, positive analysis and approval of the Final Technical Report that needs to be submitted by the Contractor to the contracting authority at the end of the first phase.

During the first phase, the attendance should be approximately 30 people for each training session (12 sessions in total), with an expected global number of 360 participants for the whole training programme. Each workshop should be attended by a mixture of participants with responsibilities of control of contaminants in feed and food. The same training programme must be implemented during the second phase of the contract.

The courses will be offered to participants from EU Member States and other countries.