Call for expressions of interest for experts

Call for expressions of interest for experts


The Call for Expressions of Interest was launched on 24/09/2015 to establish a list of experts to support tasks in the area of promotion of agricultural products.

These tasks consist in particular in assisting in the evaluation of project proposals for information and promotion programmes received under annual calls for proposals, assisting the monitoring of project implementation, assisting in the evaluation of tenders in public procurement procedures and in the overall evaluation of the regime on information provision and promotion measures concerning EU agricultural products.

Projects concerned relate to agricultural products and food and comprise activities such as definition of communication strategy, market research, public relations, advertising, production of publications, organisation of events, point of sales activities, and social media activities. They may take place within or outside the EU.

Individuals interested in submitting their expression of interest are invited to consult the Call published in the Supplement to the Official Journal No. 2015/S 185-335237,  and to register on the Participants Portal. For more details on how to register, please consult the Registration guide.

The call remains open for five years. Any person interested may submit an application during this period, with the exception of the last 3 months.

REA will draw up a list of applicants who meet the eligibility, exclusion and selection criteria set out in the Call. The experts on the list may be offered a contract to support activities, as described in the Call. The selected experts may be offered a contract (model expert contract) and will be paid on the basis of a fixed daily amount (EUR 450). Please note that the list may be also used by the European Commission for the same purpose.

The personal data collected in the context of the 2015 Call for expression of interest is processed in accordance with the Regulation (EC) N° 45/2001. For more information about the protection of the personal data of the applicants, please refer to the privacy statement available in the online application form.

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