The European Dairy Generation

Objective: This programme continues the project 734451. A campaign that has surpass 76.262.127 impacts, 296% more than expected. Dairy products consumption showed a downward trend over the last years; a slight rebound has started in recent months and the sector thought that may be influenced by the campaign that is currently running. The objective is to continue and highlight the specificities of the agricultural production methods of the Union. 3 pillars: 1- Educate in the RDA of dairy products. 2- Demystifying false truths about dairy products. 3- Promote healthy lifestyles linked to physical activity. Increase by 3% degree of knowledge of the RDA of dairy products and generate a positive trend in the awareness by 2%. JOIN THE EUROPEAN DAIRY GENERATION is a global program with a dimension that goes beyond a specific target. It will carry the values of the European production model as a flag. A global program strategy with a real interaction between our target audience and the product. A project with a true global dimension and with a strategy of actions based on impacts quality.

Target group: reach more than 108 M impacts and positive ROI of 63.94. A campaign with total guarantee of correct execution (technical&financial), the executing agency selected and a need of a continuation.

Action strategy: A mix of digital and face-to-face activities that want to create a community, create the European Dairy Generation. The base will be a ROADSHOW "JOIN THE DAIRY GENERATION TOUR" a tour that will cover more 25,000km and will be present in the main cities, that will synergize with all the local activation to the medical collective, pharmacist, nutritionist and professional in the area of influence. Activities as digital TV, movies or magazines and the "MILK KITS" will bring quality impacts and first-hand information. Creative actions will give an important European dimension: INLAC RADIO or Toolbox for the European sector.

Budget: € 1,521,589.46 for 2 years

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Internal Market
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Approval Year: 
3 year(s)
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Campaign budget: 
1 521 589,46 €
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1 065 112,62 €