Newsletter Issue 33

Newsletter Issue 33

Newsletter Issue 33 - 28 August 2020

2020 Additional Calls for proposals are now closed

Newsletter - issue 29

Open calls

Apply as an external expert to help us evaluate programme proposals here.


What's New

2020 Additional Calls for proposals are now closed

The two calls for proposals concerning agricultural products implemented in the internal market and in third countries to restore market situation in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 1144/2014 have reached their submission deadline on 27 August 2020.

Consult the submission figures.

What's New

Spotlight on the Agri-Food Data Portal

Through a user-friendly, graphical and interactive platform, citizens, farmers, stakeholders, public authorities, evaluators and academics have at their disposal key quantified information on agriculture and the CAP.

Check the platform here.

Reminder - Public consultation on EU agricultural promotion policy

Part of an overall evaluation of the policy, the consultation aims to gather feedback from citizens and stakeholders on the effectiveness and efficiency, as well as relevance, coherence and EU added value of the policy.

Contribute your views by 11 September 2020.

Evaluation survey on Market Entry Handbooks

An evaluation survey has been launched in order to collect users’ feedback on the ‘Market Entry Handbooks’ - Practical Guides to Third countries’ Markets for European Agri-food Products and Products with Geographical Indications.

Your input will allow us to measure the usefulness of such a service with a view to tailoring the handbooks even better to your needs in future. The survey is open until 15 September 2020.

Exporters' corner

Market Entry Handbook Singapore is now available

The handbook provides an overview of the opportunities for the agri-food sector in Singapore, as well as important market entry information.

Additional Market Entry Handbooks are available in the market information section of our portal.

Campaign in the spotlight

“Perfect Match” communication campaign in Japan

Thanks to the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between Japan and the EU, as of February 2019 EU food and beverage products have become more accessible to the Japanese consumer.

The recently launched Commission campaign highlights the key merits of EU food and drinks - authenticity, safety, and quality. By emphasising the “perfect match” between EU and Japanese products, it invites business and consumer audiences to appreciate EU products both for their European heritage and their match with the Japanese cuisine. The campaign will run until early 2021.

To find out more about the Perfect Match campaign, please visit foodmatcheu.

More information on all current Commission campaigns

Co-financed campaigns approved in 2019

All simple and multi programmes approved for co-financing in 2019 have started with implementation.
Check the campaign map to learn more about the beneficiaries, target markets, product sectors promoted as well as the planned activities.