Eligibility can refer to applicant profile, promoted products and schemes, or activities. For a complete account of eligibility, check out the overview below. You can also use our eligibility checker to assess your eligibility.

Did you know that private companies normally may not participate as applicants? Or that a proposing organisation must be representative of the product or sector promoted? Eligibility criteria vary, depending on the programme type – Simple or Multi. For full details, see the FAQ, eligibility checker and this presentation of the promotion policy.

The main difference between simple and multi programmes relates to the country of origin of the organisations applying:
-    SIMPLE programmes: one or more organisation(s) from the same EU Member State.  
-    MULTI programmes: several organisations from several EU Member States as well as EU-level organisations

A wide range of products as well as quality schemes are eligible to receive funding for information and promotion campaigns. See if you are eligible to participate

Check the calls for proposals for a non-exhaustive list of information and promotion activities eligible for promotion.