Funding opportunities

Funding opportunities

Find the information you need to obtain co-funding for your information and promotion activities. Get details of the rules governing the promotion policy, different types of programmes and how to determine your eligibility. See the open calls for immediate opportunities, and check for upcoming information days on the calls.

Promotion of agricultural products 


The EU policy on information provision and promotion measures for agricultural products is intended to help open up new markets. Under the slogan, "Enjoy, it’s from Europe", it aims to help companies break into international markets, and to raise awareness among consumers of the efforts made by European farmers to provide quality products.

The policy was revised in 2015; the scope was widened and the budget increased.

Check our legal framework section for more information on the promotion policy.

What is Annual
Work Programme?

The Role
of Chafea

Instructions on the use of the signature: "Enjoy! it's from Europe”

The annual work programme sets out strategic priorities for information and promotion measures in terms of:

- products
- schemes and markets to be targeted
- corresponding allocated budgets

On this basis, calls for proposals will be published, detailing the conditions for applying and the procedures to follow.

Annual Work Programme for 2019:
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The Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (Chafea) is entrusted by the European Commission to execute the following tasks:

- Publication of calls for proposals and evaluation of proposals for both simple and multi promotional programmes;

- Award of grants and management of grant agreements for multi programmes;

- Launch and conclusion of procurement procedures and management of the ensuing contracts relating to provision of information services, as well as the organisation of events and communication campaigns both inside and outside the EU;

'Enjoy, it's from Europe' is the signature distinguishing the campaigns funded under the EU policy for promotion of agricultural products. It must be used by all beneficiaries.

Download the graphic charter and learn how to use the ‘Enjoy! It’s from Europe’ signature.