Issue 02 - 03 April 2017

Issue 02 - 03 April 2017

Want to know if you're eligible for EU funding of your promotional campaign?

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2 weeks left to submit your programme proposal! Deadline: 20 April 2017.


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What's New

Want to know if your promotional campaign is eligible for EU funding?

The eligibility checker is a quick, easy tool that takes you through the eligibility criteria, such as type of organisation and its representativeness, products and schemes to be promoted and information determining the type of promotion programme (simple or multi).

Answer the simple questionnaire here to get an indication whether your organisation may or may not be eligible for funding.

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Exporters' corner


Targeting South-East Asia? There are strong market opportunities in Vietnam!

Vietnam has a population of over 92 million, representing a vibrant nation that economists believe may be the fastest-growing of the world's emerging economies. In 2014 Vietnam entered into a free trade agreement with the EU, opening new opportunities for European agri-food businesses to penetrate this rapidly emerging market. Published recently, "The Food and Beverage Market Entry Handbook: Vietnam", which offers market intelligence and outlines market entry conditions can be instrumental in branching out to this new market. You can download it here once you register.

The Food and Beverage Market<br />
Entry Handbook: Vietnam



The European Commission will be present with a stand at SIAL Canada (2-4 May 2017).

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How to define a communication strategy

Agri Promotion: best practices


Get your pork to China!

A Danish-led initiative is ensuring that producers of EU pork have access to one of the biggest markets in the world. Learn more about this campaign here.

China pork promotion

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Find the right partner or partners to benefit jointly from the agri-promotion funding! Our "Find a project partner" tool on our portal will make it easier for you. Read more about the tool and register.

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