Newsletter Issue 34

Newsletter Issue 34

Newsletter Issue 34 - 4 November 2020

Newsletter - issue 34


What's New

Publication of the promotion policy evaluation support study

The European Commission has published the evaluation support study on the impact of the EU agricultural promotion policy – internal and third countries markets 2016 to 2019. The key findings of the report highlight that activities funded under the EU agri-food promotion policy contribute effectively to its general objective, have been implemented relatively efficiently, are generally coherent with other EU policies and have a clear EU added value

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What's New

Results of survey on Market Entry Handbooks

Over the past years, 14 Market Entry Handbooks were published on Chafea website. We asked for your opinion on the usefulness of such handbooks and are pleased to share the main key findings*:

  • 87% rate it ‘good’ or ‘very good’
  • 75% find all the product sectors they are interested in and 70% come across all the information they were looking for
  • 98% find it easy to read
  • 91% find the associated factsheet useful
  • 94% ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree’ with the fact that the handbooks represent a very important and useful tool for their company/organisation.

Don’t wait any longer to take advantage of this tool! The handbooks are available here.

*Based on feedback received from 71 users of Market Entry Handbooks who replied to the survey


Exporters' corner

Market Entry Handbook Thailand is now available

The handbook provides an overview of the opportunities for the agri-food sector in Thailand, as well as important market entry information.

Additional Market Entry Handbooks are available in the market information section of our portal.

Digital seminar on EU production standards for agri-food products, Vietnam, 8-9 October 2020

Following the entry into force of the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement on 1 August 2020, the European Commission organised on 8-9 October a Digital seminar on EU production standards for agri-food products, gathering online 480 professionals representing competent authorities, importers, exporters, food distributors, researchers as well as Member States trade representatives.

The webinar featured presentations explaining the EU sanitary and phyto-sanitary system, EU quality policies on geographical indications and organic farming, as well as highlighting the benefits of the trade agreement for agri-food products. EU-level sectoral associations of meat and meat products, dairy, fruit and vegetables, olive oil, wines and spirits all had their virtual rooms to provide more insights regarding the high standards applicable EU agri-food exports.

This webinar was the first of a range of activities foreseen in Vietnam to be dedicated to the audiences of food professionals. For more information on upcoming activities in Vietnam, please consult the campaign website.



SAVE THE DATE: Info day on the Calls for Proposals 2021, 28-29 January 2021 (on-line format)

The Info Day on Calls for Proposals 2021 will take place on 28 and 29 January. The event will take place on-line and will include presentations from the Commission, as well as from beneficiaries and experts in the field of promotion of agricultural products. The two days webinar will provide opportunities to ask questions and exchange ideas, as well as to foster networking through the online matchmaking sessions. The agenda and registration modalities will be announced by the end of December.


Campaign in the spotlight

Awards for Communication Campaign in China “Colours By Europe”

The Commission’s Communication Campaign in China “Colours By Europe” has recently won four awards:

The Communication Campaign in China “Colours By Europe” is running from May 2019 until early 2021 and includes more than 20 events for businesses and consumers, as well as strong online and social media presence on WeChat, Douyin and Weibo. The campaign aims at raising the awareness on the merits of EU food and beverages in order to increase their consumption.

Co-financed campaigns approved in 2019

All simple and multi programmes approved for co-financing in 2019 have started with implementation. Check the campaign map to learn more about the beneficiaries, target markets, product sectors promoted, as well as the planned activities.

Check the campaigns in the spotlight feature