Information programme on healthy eating practices linked to fruit and vegetable consumption

Information programme on healthy eating practices linked to fruit and vegetable consumption

Scientific and public authorities recognize the daily consumption of fruits and vegetables in the prevention of non-communicable diseases as a determinant of a healthy diet. In Europe and France, despite the actions deployed and the prospect of an obesity epidemic, a significant proportion of the population does not follow the dietary recommendations. The young generation and young parents, whose premium eating habits are decisive, are mainly concerned. As key players in nutrition policy highly-esteemed among the French, health professionals remain in demand for knowledge and tools on a healthy diet.

INTERFEL and APRIFEL have combined their expertise with the SOPEXA agency and the QUADRANT-OCCURRENCE evaluator to build a promotional and informational program that values European fruits and vegetables. This program is committed to stabilising and increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables among young adults under 35 in France. Specifically, it aims to raise awareness and increase the knowledge of the general public and health professionals in order to shift their mentality and to disseminate a European nutritional message.

The program will offer French and other European doctors a synthetic module of knowledge with a simplified nutritional message, opening a dialogue and developing new tools. In order to raise awareness among the general public and health professionals, the consortium will also participate in several events, lead a media campaign targeting health professionals, and disseminate information material adjusted to each target group. The organisation of a European meeting and on-going press and public relations will support the dissemination of actions. A continuous independent evaluation and the mobilisation of a budget of approximately EUR 1.7 million will ensure the effectiveness of this strategy.

Proposing organisation(s): 
Association interprofessionnelle des fruits et légumes frais
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Target market: 
Internal Market
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Approval Year: 
3 year(s)
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Campaign budget: 
1 721 366,00 €
EU contribution: 
1 204 956,00 €