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Market Information

Browse this database of resources on national and regional markets as you prepare to launch international operations. Use the search on the right to identify specific information. For more general guides and reports, visit the library

For information on import conditions for non-EU markets, take a look at the Market Access Database (MADB), which offers details of tariffs, procedures and formalities, statistics on trade flows, trade barriers, sanitary and phytosanitary issues, rules of origin and services for SMEs.

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December 21 2018 United Arab Emirates

The handbook provides an overview of the opportunities for the agri-food sector in United Arab Emirates, as well as important market entry information. It is available to registered users only.

IP Considerations for the Food and Beverage Industry
January 1 2017

This guide gives an overview of F&B industry in South East Asia, explains frequent IP issues, points out on GIs recognition and presents some case study to illustrate IP key challenges for F&B industry.

Guide to IPR Protection in China for the Wine and Spirits Sector
January 1 2016 China Wine, cider and vinegar

What can EU SMEs do to protect their wines and spirits in China? This guide will lay out the possibilities for intellectual property rights protection in the wine and spirits industry, and will guide you through IP enforcement options in China.

IP Strategy for European SMEs at Trade Fairs in China
January 1 2016 China

This guide provides a comprehensive guide to Intellectual Property (IP) strategy and protection before, during and after a trade fair or exhibition in China.

IP Factsheet: Hong Kong
August 29 2018 China

This factsheet offers comprehensive information about IP rights in Hong Kong and aims to help exporting companies protect their intellectual property when moving activities to Hong Kong.