Experts call for expression of interest 2021-2027

Experts call for expression of interest 2021-2027

The new call for expression of interest for experts for the programming period 2021-2027 is now open. Old and new experts are welcomed to opt in for “Promotion of Agricultural Products (AGRIP) 2021-2027”.

If you are already registered as an expert answering our previous call for expression of interest, you will remain available in the database.

The registration page has been updated with a single opt-in for all services and programmes. This is reflected in your expert profile under data protection, where you have the right to choose who can see your data exactly as in the previous period, with the settings for data protection/”who can see my data”.

If the option to work for “All programmes and sub-programmes of the above selected EU and non-EU institutions” is selected, by default you have made yourself available to all current and future programmes, including the “Promotion of Agricultural Products (AGRIP) 2021-2027”, and no additional action is needed from your side.