Newsletter Issue 35 - 18 December 2020

Newsletter Issue 35 - 18 December 2020

Newsletter - issue 34
Newsletter - issue 34

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What's New


In response to the 2020 Call for proposals for simple programmes, 129 programme proposals were submitted by 03 June 2020. The Commission has adopted a decision determining the simple programmes selected.

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In response to the 2020 Additional Call for proposals for simple programmes, 33 programme proposals were submitted by 27 August 2020. The Commission has adopted a decision determining the simple programmes selected.

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What's New

2021 Annual Work Programme has been adopted

A total of EUR 173.4 million will be available for promotion programmes selected for EU co-financing in 2021.

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Exporters' corner

Market Entry Handbooks for Malaysia, South Africa and The United States are now available

Three handbooks covering Malaysia, South Africa and The United States, together with their respective factsheets (Malaysia, South Africa, The United States), have been published on our portal. The handbooks provide an overview of the opportunities for the agri-food sector in the named countries, as well as important market entry information.

Additional Market Entry Handbooks are available in the market information section of our portal.



SAVE THE DATE: Info day on the Calls for Proposals 2021, 28-29 January 2021 (on-line format)

The Info Day on Calls for Proposals 2021 will take place on 28 and 29 January. The event will take place on-line and will include presentations from the Commission, as well as from beneficiaries and experts in the field of promotion of agricultural products. The two days webinar will provide opportunities to ask questions and exchange ideas, as well as to foster networking through the online matchmaking sessions. The agenda and registration modalities will be announced in the beginning of 2021.


Campaign in the spotlight

Cannes Dolphin Award for our Campaign in the Middle East

Our campaign film ‘More than Food, Great Stories to Share’ has won a Silver Dolphin award at the 11th edition of the prestigious Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards under the category Corporate Videos.

The film “More than Food, Great Stories to Share” is part of the EU’s running Campaign in the Middle East to promote European food and beverage products among B2B and B2C audiences. Its main purpose is to raise awareness about the quality, authenticity and safety of all food and beverages products that are produced in the European Union.

For further information about the campaign you may check the More Than Food webpage where you will be welcomed by the award-winning video. You may also follow the campaign, interesting facts and future events in the region by following us on Instagram @morethanfoodme.

More information on all current Commission campaigns.

Promoting European food: EU campaigns around the world adapt to COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic may have disrupted numerous aspects of our daily lives, but it has certainly not affected the EU’s capacity to produce, distribute and export high quality agri-food products. And while gatherings may now be prohibited in many places and most international trade shows cancelled or postponed, the Commission’s campaigns were swiftly adapted.

One example is the EU's More Than Food campaign operating in selected Gulf Cooperation Council countries moved almost entirely online


A networking webinar has been organised, capitalising on growing consumer interest in the region for organic food. The event brought together over 60 business professionals, including EU exporters of certified organic food products and GCC food importers. Partnering up with celebrated food blogger and author Zahra Abdalla and UAE-based e-retailer elGrocer, the campaign also created five delicious recipes. ElGrocer's customers could order specially curated food boxes, containing all the ingredients for each recipe, exclusively of EU origin, to prepare at home accompanied by Zahra's online tutorials.


In order to kick off the new promotion campaign Bocados de Europa in Mexico gourmet food and lifestyle journalists were gathered in a Zoom meeting, instead of in a restaurant. A whole menu of food curated by one of Mexico's most famous chefs, Edgar Núñez, was delivered to each reporter's home right before the 'virtual dinner' started.

Meanwhile in China, the EU's Colours by Europe campaign has seen a gradual return to normal. Since the start of the pandemic, the campaign initially turned to online events, particularly with consumer activations on China's most successful online retail platforms: Chunbo and HEMA. A month of activity with the former resulted in 14.5 million unique visitors, while a partly physical promotion with the latter, across 23 online and 24 offline stores in Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou and Nantou, reached more than 500,000 people. Encouraged by this performance, Colours by Europe launched a restaurant week celebrating European cuisines in China's capital, as well as a Geographical Indications conference and Open Day in Shanghai, which highlighted the signature of the EU-China agreement protecting 100 fine foods and drinks from each party.

In recognition of its continued influence, the EU's China campaign received multiple awards this year, including a Gold Award for 'Best PR Campaign – Food and Beverage'.

Even the more traditional events, such as policy seminars, were transformed in fully digital format organised as part of the Perfect Match campaign in Vietnam.

In short, it is safe to conclude that COVID not only failed to impede the progress of EU promotion policy, but it also helped spark innovative ways to continue reaching target audiences. Similarly resilient activities are currently in preparation for campaigns in Japan, Vietnam and Singapore.

Check the campaigns in the spotlight feature