EU spirits IG: Hello grappa!

EU spirits IG: Hello grappa!

Subject: Information measures for spirit drinks with a protected geographical indication pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 110/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

Represented product: Grappa IG

Target country: USA

Duration: 36 months

Objectives: The programme aims to increase the level of awareness (awareness and consciousness) of enterprise quality regulations at some specific target, in the belief – backed by wide scientific literature – that it is the necessary condition, although not sufficient if not supported by adequate distribution coverage, for an increase in final sales.

Target groups: Consumers; Influencers: Operators Ho.Re.Ca; Opinion leaders: Specialised journalists, lifestyle, bloggers

Strategy of the action: “rejuvenating the perception” of the consumer vis-a-vis grappa and explaining new ways of use

  • Sharing the message of innovation of the system of GI spirits
  • Getting the cooperation of those responsible for places of consumption on the profitability of GI products
  • Contact and, subsequently, involvement (engagement) of the food lovers.

Proposed activities: Restaurants Grappa IG week; Workshop B2B & B2C; Lifestyle week Travel study in Europe; Social Networks communication; Definition of the campaign’s visual identity; Measurement of results.

Value of the action: € 914.550

Proposing organisation(s): 
Associazione Nazionale Industriali Distillatori di Alcoli e Acquaviti
Programme type: 
Target market: 
Third Countries
Target countries:
Quality schemes:
Approval Year: 
3 year(s)
EU Organisation: 
Proposing country:
Campaign budget: 
915 918,00 €
EU contribution: 
732 734,40 €