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What is CEF?

October 2017

CEF building blocks for a digital connected Europe (download)

April 2016

Cross-border solutions for your EU Project (download)

July 2016

Building Blocks

Meet Big Data Test Infrastructure, the new CEF Building Blocks

December 2018

Meet Context Broker, the new CEF Building Blocks

December 2018

Meet eArchiving, the new CEF Building Blocks

December 2018

CEF eInvoicing: The European Standard on Electronic Invoicing

January 2018

CEF eID: Extending the Use of Online Services Across Borders (download)

April 2017

eInvoicing: Helping EU public entities comply with the upcoming eInvoicing standard (download)

November 2016

eTranslation: Making European digital public services multi-lingual (download)

October 2016

eDelivery and eSignature videos coming soon!

Event videos


The CEF eDelivery & eInvoicing Stakeholder Days 2016 (download)

December 2016


After Movie - New Building Blocks Launch Event - 7 December 2018

December 2018

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