Still Time to Participate: public consultation on European Catalogue of ICT standards

European Commission, March 2017


The European Commission is currently holding a public consultation to improve the draft contents of the European Catalogue of ICT standards.


At this stage, the consultation aims at collecting feedback on the contents, and at receiving advices on possible catalogue structure improvements.


The consultation is on the following contents:


The consultation aims to check the information reported to verify that what we found is coherent, updated and relevant, and that the connection between the descriptions and the standards is correct, or to suggest new examples of procurement cases, relevant documentation, etc.




Financed by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), the CEF building blocks are part of the European Catalogue of ICT Standards. Based on existing formalised technical specifications and standards, the CEF building blocks are intended to facilitate the adoption of common technical specifications, making it easier to interconnect complex digital services and IT systems across Europe, fundamental to establishing a connected Digital Single Market.

The consultation is open until March 23th.