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For public services all over Europe, information exchange across language barriers is becoming increasingly important. The CEF eTranslation building block has been established to support public services, administrations and citizens in their multilingual communication tasks.

Moreover, in 2017, the European Commission initiated the CEF eTranslation Tools and Services project which aims to contribute to the development of CEF eTranslation as "multilingualism enabler“, going far beyond simple translation.

In order to make CEF eTranslation work according to your needs, relevant tools and services will be made available through the CEF eTranslation Catalogue of Services. And of course, we will closely work with you within dedicated meetings and workshops to provide the tools and services which are right for you. We will also provide direct assistance to you with the integration and deployment of all CEF eTranslation services and keep you updated on our latest news and events.

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Vote for eTranslation at the Europan Ombudsman Award for Good Administration 2021

Do you think eTranslation helps your business? Now you can support eTranslation by voting for eTranslation at the European Ombudsman 'Award for Good Administration' 2021.


Last updated on 21.05.2021

Join the WMT21 Shared Task: European Low-Resource Multilingual Translation

The EU-funded projects ELRC and LT-Bridge are organising a WMT21 shared task on European low-resource multilingual translation, focusing on multilinguality in the cultural heritage domain for North-Germanic and Romance languages.

The shared task aims to find out how information in one language can be transferred to other related languages by evaluating translation quality in low-resourced language pairs, but explicitly encouraging the use of data of the high-resourced language pairs in the same family. The shared task will be divided into two subtasks:

  • Europeana thesis abstracts translation (North-Germanic languages from/to Icelandic, Norwegian Bokmål and Swedish) and
  • Wikipedia cultural heritage articles translation (Romance languages from Catalan to Occitan, Romanian and Italian). The evaluation period will run from 29 June to 6 July 2021.

Are you up to this challenge? Further information and all important deadlines are provided here.

Last updated on 29.04.2021

Let’s talk about the future of Europe! Participatory Democracy powered by eTranslation

What do you expect the future of Europe to look like? What would be important to you and what are your concerns? A platform to support the Conference on the Future of Europe opened on 19 April. This platform allows all EU citizens to engage in a multilingual discussion on topics directly concerned with shaping the future of Europe. Thanks to eTranslation, the free and secure machine translation system provided by the European Commission, citizens can now share their ideas and expectations on the future of Europe in any of the 24 EU official languages. Further information is available here: https://lr-coordination.eu/index.php/node/357.

Last updated on 29.04.2021

eTranslation Upgrade: New General Text Engines 

The latest eTranslation upgrade came along with new General Text engines for German, Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian and Polish. In addition to the general improvement brought about by more data, better data filtering and adjustments to the machine learning processes, a specific processing step now helps to handle long sentences better.

The machine translation tool is freely available for SMEs and public administrations all across the EU. If you belong to one of the target groups, try it yourself and create your eTranslation account here: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/etranslation/public/welcome.html.

Last updated on 29.04.2021

eTranslation: New languages and tools in 2021

Since the beginning of 2021, eTranslation users can benefit from various new features and updates: Japanese and Arabic joined the list of supported non-European languages, in addition to Russian and standard Chinese. Moreover, 6 languages have been upgraded for better handling terms related to the on-going Covid-19 health crisis. Further updates improve the performance of the other languages and services on a continuous basis.

The CEF Language Tools family also includes Tweet translation and Named Entity Recognition, which has been expanded in 2021 to cover German in addition to English. In February, a new Speech-to-Text service was launched. This service offers transcription of all common sound or video formats into English, with additional languages to come soon.

More info about the eTranslation tools family can be found on the official CEF Digital page. Registered users can access the full range of eTranslation tools at https://language-tools.ec.europa.eu/.

Last updated on 17.03.2021

eTranslation helps translate national legislation of EU Member States

With the help of eTranslation, the MARCELL CEF Telecom Action aims to bring down linguistic barriers within the Digital Single Market. Have a look at the latest eTranslation success story here: eTranslation helps translate national legislation of EU Member States

Last updated on 17.03.2021

To the European SMEs: this is for you! 

Tell us which technologies would be most valuable to you and could usefully extend CEF eTranslation. Choose your favourite topic(s) and help us by answering 4 questions about the technology of your choice: 

Further information about the background of the survey is also provided here: Call for SMEs to help identify new services for eTranslation

Last updated on 23.02.2021




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01/02.06.2021Leading the Digital Decade ConferenceOnline

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