The eHDSI technical Community (OpenNCP Community) knowledge base enables

stakeholders involved and interested in the open source NCPeH reference implementation (e.g. industry associations, public sector bodies, solution providers and EC bodies)

to take part in the co-creation of the upcoming next BEST EVER release of this cross-border interoperability enabling solution.

The previous Atlassian provided hosting environment will be kept alive (read only mode) until September 30, 2017.

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eHDSI Wave 2 - Preparatory Pre-Production-Testing

Get aware of timelines and other relevant information regarding the upcoming test event.

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You can reach Support Team: @ Central Service Desk

Venice 2017, eHDSI Projectathon (IHE CAT)

Brussels 2017, OpenNCP Boot CAMP

Bochum 2016, CAT

Lisbon 2015, EXPANDathon

Luxembourg 2015, CAT

Vienna 2014, PAT

Istanbul 2013, PAT

Bern 2012, PAT

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