Each space in Confluence has its own set of permissions, which can be granted and revoked by a space administrator.

How to grant access to a user or user-group

To grant access to a space, follow the below:

  1. Go to the space to which you want to grant a group access. Within the space, go to Space tools > Permissions.

  2. To add a user group or edit a group's rights, go to edit permissions. Tick the boxes that are relevant to each group to set their permissions.

    Don't forget to hit save at the bottom of the page after making a change. 


Permissions Summary

 The following permissions can be assigned for each space:

PermissionApplies to
ViewThis lets a user view all the content in your space.
AddThis lets a user add and edit pagesblogscomments and attachments.
RestrictThis lets a user restrict others from viewing or editing a page.

Delete own

This lets a user delete any pagesblogs and attachments they originally created (regardless of whether other users have subsequently edited the content).
DeleteThis can be used to let a user delete pagescommentsattachments and mail items
ExportThis lets a user export the whole space. This is different to page exports - anyone who can view a page can also export it.
AdminThis lets a user administer the space, including the ability to pass on admin permissions to other users.