This page aims to facilitate the reuse of the TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) open data by collecting links to already existing reuse examples and serving as a repository for sharing ideas. The target audience for this wiki includes researchers, journalists, and data analysts, as well as procurement practitioners and policy makers. Your experience with TED data does not matter: the page should be useful for novices (e.g. students looking for a dataset and a topic for their thesis) as well as experienced professionals (e.g. procurement practitioners who want to submit an idea).

Please note that Digital Whistleblower (DIGIWHIST), a large EU funded research project on procurement data, provides a very comprehensive overview of existing procurement networks, research, legislation, data sets, and government agencies. This wiki does not duplicate this information, thus please refer to the DIGIWHIST website as a primary source of information, especially for an overview of existing articles. However, please note that the scope of the DIGIWHIST project is broader than the research done on the TED dataset.   

This page is conceived as a wiki, i.e. editing by any user is possible. Please contribute below!

Reuse examples

Reuse / research proposals